written by Erlis Themeli on 08 June 2017

Time to BBQ: As every year EPAR organizes a summer BBQ, this year together with PILAR. To register click the registration form hereunder:

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See you there!

written by Erlis Themeli on 30 March 2017

Dear Colleagues,

Sooner or later every PhD candidate faces the question What’s next, what to do after the PhD? Should I stay in academia or what are my options outside this wonderful world of knowledge and education? If you wonder about the same questions, you are not alone!

At the Erasmus University Career Day for Phds and postdocs you will have a chance to meet people facing the same puzzle and those who already solved it. During this event, you can choose from nine workshops, which are focused on self-branding, valorisation of your research and how to market yourself at the job market. The day will start with a presentation given by Dr. Inge van der Weijden on the career paths of doctorate holders. There will also be two rounds of workshops and we will end the day with drinks, a CV check and taking a picture for your Linked-In profile.

You can find the full program and register here. Don’t miss out on this occasion to acquire new skills and to learn to make most out of you. EPAR will also be present and guide you through the day.

Hope to see you all there!

written by Erlis Themeli on 29 September 2016

We have kept you waiting quite a bit for more information, but as of today the programme is published and registration has started!

Keep on reading to find out more about the programme, timetable and Supervisor of the Year-award.

Already figured out what workshops you’re interested in? Go and register by pressing the button below!

Once you’ve registered, feel free to show your enthousiasm by inviting your colleagues down the hall to join, tweeting about it (@nationalphdday/#nationalphdday) and joining our facebook-group (facebook.com/nationalphdday)!

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written by Erlis Themeli on 22 September 2016

Yo Phd,

EPAR would like to welcome all PhD students at the Erasmus University for our LinkedIn Photoshoot/Social Drinks Event on October 4, 16.30h at the Erasmus Pavillion on Woudestein Campus, organised together with Young@EUR! For the event we have hired professional photographers who can take your picture, perfect to put e.g. on your faculty’s staff website, your LinkedIn profile or your personal/publications page.

With the new academic year just underway, we’re especially welcoming all new PhD students and would like to take the opportunity to introduce EPAR to all our new colleagues. So join us on the 4th of October and besides getting your picture taken—and free drinks—meet and get to know all your fellow PhD students and other colleagues from the EUR!

EPAR has a new board and we hope that many of you show up for our first event this academic year!


written by Erlis Themeli on 19 August 2016

Are you ambitious, smart and creative? An independent worker with strong analytical skills? And a professional who can be resolute and adaptable at the same time and knows how to prioritise?

Chances are that you have been able to answer most, if not all, of these questions with ‘yes’. Did you know that these skills already meet half of the requirements to start a career as a strategy consultant? Have you ever considered working in this sector?

Consultants are hired to solve complex challenges for their clients. They give objective advice using their strong analytical skills. This is exactly the kind of professional challenge that matches the PhD profile! Not your scientific experience is needed for this job, but your all-round PhD skills. Read more.

But what is it actually like to work as a strategy consultant? And would you feel at home in the environment that consultants operate in?

You would probably like to find out more before taking the step to send in an application.

Then this is your chance: to support you to discover whether there is a consultant in you, PCDI has jointly set up a masterclass with Gupta Strategists, especially for the PCDI network!

Gupta Strategists is a small strategy consulting firm operating in the Health Sector. From the challenges health care institutions and providers face to assignments for private investment companies, working at Gupta Strategists means making a relevant contribution to a sector with a high societal impact.

Do you think working as a consultant matches your ambition? And would you like to find out more about what it is like to work for Gupta Strategists? Then make sure not to miss the opportunity to get invited to the dedicated event we are organising on Saturday 22 October 2016!

Take note: the Gupta Strategists Masterclass not only enables you to gain unique insights into working in consultancy for the Health Sector, it is also an excellent occasion for Gupta to meet potential strategists!

For more information about the professional challenges Gupta Strategists offers PhD graduates visit the Gupta Strategists page on the PCDI website.