written by Mümtaz on 29 October 2009
View The Speed Matching Night Album

Speed Matching Night

An event aimed at introducing PhD candidates from different faculties and creating new friendship and network
View The Sinter-Christmas Bowling 2012 Album

Sinter-Christmas Bowling 2012

Pictures of EPAR's yearly bowling event at Oostervant Bowling in Rotterdam
View The Career Day 2012 Album

Career Day 2012

EPAR and EUR organized a new edition of the PhD Career Day 2012
View The Sinter-Christmas Bowling 2010 Album

Sinter-Christmas Bowling 2010

Pictures of EPAR's yearly bowling event at Oostervant Bowling in Rotterdam
View The PhD Day 2010 Album

PhD Day 2010

PhD Day 2010 included speeches by the rector magnificus and Dr. J. Schrijvers, and 4 different workshops on being a PhD student, project ownership, networking, and personal branding.
View The EPAR/Promeras Summer Drink 2010 Album

EPAR/Promeras Summer Drink 2010

A sparkling and sunny summer drink at Grand Café Prachtig aan de Maas
View The PhD Day 2009 Album

PhD Day 2009

PhD Day 2009 included speeches by Prof. dr. Henk Schmidt (rector magnificus) and Dr. Will Felps about the PhD Trajectory and 4 different seminars on Teaching, Debating, Careerplanning and the Dissertation Process
View The Introday 2008 Album

Introday 2008

Photos of what's now called the EPAR PhD Day. Last year, it was named as the "Introduction and Careerplanning Day 2008".
View The Strand an de Maas 2008 Album

Strand an de Maas 2008

In 2008, EPAR organized a social event on the "Strand aan de Maas" (Beach at the Maas River).
View The Talent Day 2008 Album

Talent Day 2008

Erasmus University Talent Day, where PhD of the Year 2008 was also announced and awarded
View The Sports Event 2007 Album

Sports Event 2007

A sports event with lots of PhDs (2007)
View The Picnic 2007 Album

Picnic 2007

A lovely picnic event near the maas in 2007