Guide for Foreign PhDs

Are you a PhD candidate at the Erasmus University from abroad? It can be a challenge to find your way amidst all the necessary practicalities such as finding accommodations, as well as regulatory procedures involved with your residence in the Netherlands and your position at the university. On top of that you of course want to make the most out of your stay in the Netherlands and the Rotterdam area, whether it be permanent or temporary, and find out what the country and the Dutch culture have to offer. On this page you will find some resources that may be helpful for you.  If you know of any other worthwhile tips for international scholars, please let us know!

For general EUR-business we direct you to the HR website of the EUR: see or if you are with the Erasmus Medical Centre. EUR Faculties and Institutes recruit their own PhD talents. In case of international PhD scholars, the faculties usually request the HR International department at Erasmus University to arrange  the necessary practicalities. Specifically look at their welcome page for international employees, which also contains plenty of information regarding settling in in the Netherlands.

The same HR department will also apply for a visa on behalf of PhD candidates, depending on your personal situation. For a general background on immigration procedures see the site of the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND).

During your research a lot of assistance can be provided by the graduate school of your faculty. See their website for what they have to offer regarding among others courses, counseling, events and seminars. Check our overview of the EUR graduate schools over here.

For general matters on living and working in the Netherlands, see as well as general sites as Expatica and, which are both pretty good.

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