Academic Writing in English for PhD students

Registration has started for the course Academic Writing at the Language and Training Centre. Are you a PhD student of Erasmus University Rotterdam? Are you in the process of writing a PhD thesis or academic article and would you like to have some help?

You gain experience with various aspects of scientific writing by making assignments. In addition, you give (and get) feedback and you will learn from good examples of others and are being confronted with your own mistakes and those of others. Course participants are expected to spend approx. three hours a week on course preparation and self-study.

These courses consists of six group sessions and one individual session. In this course you learn how to write academic texts in proper English. You’ll learn about the pitfalls for non-native authors, the dos and don’ts and the conventions. We will work on:

        • the writing process;
        • formulating an argument;
        • excellent organisation and coherence at text level;
        • writing good paragraphs;
        • structure and discourse;
        • writing correct English at sentence level (including grammar, style and vocabulary);
        • accessing literature sources and applying this to your writing. 

For more information and registration for the course, see the website of the Language and Training Centre.

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