And the oscar goes to…

The duties of a PhD are heavy, controversial and conflicting with social life at best. Even though most of us are very good in doing what we do, only some of us can balance work and social life. And EPAR awards those, who achieve such a balance.

This year Iliass Elhadioui (FSW) has received the EPAR PhD of the Year 2007 Award and his trophy has been handed during the Talent Day on the 12th of February! This award isn’t simply a piece of metal, instead is a combination of fame, appreciation and a monetary price: an interview in the CUBIC! magazine, a 1,000 Euro stipend and a trophy to remind you of these “good old times”.

We congratulate Iliass Elhadioui and the finalists: Aleksandar Momirov (FRG) and Lindy Santegoets (Erasmus MC) for their success.

Photos of this event are available here.

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