CUBIC! photo competition: My Rotterdam

You, as a PhD student at the Erasmus University probably live either in Rotterdam or nearby. Some of you might find Rotterdam beautiful, some of you rather ugly. Nevertheless, everyone has a view on Rotterdam.

Can you frame views in a photo? Or have you done so already? Or do you have a different view?

Then share your view with others! EPAR and CUBIC! give you the opportunity to do that by announcing their first photo competition: My Rotterdam

The best photo or photos will be enlarged and exhibited in the university library, and published in CUBIC! and the EPAR website.

Some additional information:

– Deadline for submission: 15 April, 2008

– Send your photo of at least 2 megapixels in jpg format to Mónika at Don’t forget: the better the quality, the nicer your photos will look in the exhibition.

– A commission comprising of the EPAR and the CUBIC! board and an external member will select the best photo or photos.

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