EPAR Bowling Event, Dec. 3rd 2009

Margot Oenema, our secretary at EPAR has shared her warm insights of the bowling event. Her message:

EPAR Bowling Event, Dec. 3rd 2009

Finally, December 3, 2009 has come. After months of practicing and training, at last I got my chance to overwhelm the PhD’s with my bowling talent at the EPAR/Promeras bowling event. And there were a lot of PhD’s to impress. Around 40 people came to the Oostervant Bowling to drink, chat and, of course, bowl. While enjoying the Sinterklaas candy, many records were broken. Fortunately, I broke my personal record: instead of hitting 3 cones each throw, I bashed 4! But there was one bowling master who reached 150 points. And, as I am a fair loser, I would like to congratulate Pitòsh with his deserved victory.

After the bowling, the evening was “still young” (quote from the overall winner).  A small but select company decided to eat Dim sum at some Chinese restaurant in the China town of Rotterdam. The more the beer, the better the ideas. And so we ended up in a karaoke bar. For those who weren’t there:  be glad, it saved you from instant deafness!

After all, I had a wonderful evening, despite of the fact that my talents (hopefully) lie in other areas than bowling and singing.

Guys, thanks for the good fun!! I hope to see you all at our next event.

Margot Oenema, Secretary of EPAR

P.S. Don’t forget to nominate your favorite PhD for the PhD of the year award!

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