EPAR PhD Day 2009

On October 8, EPAR will organize the annual PhD Day for Erasmus University PhD’s. The event will start at 1 PM in M1-17, and will include speeches and lectures by EPAR, rector magnificus Henk Schmidt, and Will Felps of RSM on the PhD trajectory. Aside from that we will offer a printers and information market in the hallway of M1 during the break where you can get in touch with several printers and key people from the university for any questions or inquiries you might have. Before ending with a drink at 5PM we offer four two-hour workshops on various topics of interest to PhD’s in several rooms of T3.

Teaching – by Maarten van de Ven (RISBO)

In this workshop you will experience some parts of the initial teacher training for teachers at Erasmus University Rotterdam. The workshop has an interactive nature. Some time will be spent on short presentations on the characteristics of learning processes and the set-up of a lecture. Most time of this workshop will be available for two exercises, one on adjusting teaching to the initial situation of students and the other on the first minute of a lecture. In the last exercise video recordings will be made and discussed.

Public Speaking and Debating -by Peter Mestrum (Toastmasters)

Public Speaking skills aren’t debatable!

Have you ever realized that at any level you are practising public speaking?

It doesn’t matter when, where or how. Whether you are speaking to your friend, presenting an idea in the classroom or defending your promotion, you are speaking in public.

In this workshop you will see how to build a speech and how that knowledge can be transferred into your daily life. Good public speaking skills can benefit you in both your professional and personal life. Why do you think that the Romans valued the competence of oral conversation so high?

Fear and Loathing in the Dissertation Desert – by Herman Lelieveldt (author of ‘Promoveren’)

PhD students are often not only excited but at the same time very anxious about their research projects. In this workshop you will interactively and collectively learn strategies to both exploit your kicks and cope with your anxieties, enabling you to focus more attention on the substance of your work. We also explore planning and supervision issues providing numerous tools to foster a timely and successful completion of the dissertation.

From core qualities to careers – by Bud Bickes (Labeur)

Not seldom postdocs find it hard to plan their career, be it inside our outside the world of science. Therefore an awareness of personal qualities, and knowing how to make use of these qualities, is extremely relevant. This workshop focuses on:

  • finding and discovering your own core qualities
  • recognizing situations in which these qualities emerge
  • developing awareness of the effects these qualities may have on others
  • getting insight in your functioning
  • providing you with a practical instrument for self-assessment
  • helping you find suitable career opportunities
  • preparing you for job interviews

Bud Bickes is the founder and manager of the career center of the Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam. Training, advising, coaching, search and selection are his main activities.

You can sign up by sending an email to epar@epar.nl, in which you should include your name, your faculty, your contact information (esp. email address) and your preferred workshop, as well as your second choice workshop. You will receive a confirmation few days prior to the PhD Day in which you will also find the workshop you will be attending.

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