EPAR PhD Student of the Year 2009

The EPAR PhD Student of the Year competition aims at finding the most special, unique, and outstanding PhD student. The EPAR PhD Student of the Year award is granted to PhD students that combine scientific excellence with an active social engagement, and comes with a prize of €1000,-. This year’s winner of the PhD Student of the Year award is Luc Coffeng, a PhD student at the department of Public Health (Erasmus MC).

Luc is a volunteer for “Medical Checks for Children”, a non-government organization that gives medical aid to children in deprived areas of the world, and he pays for his voluntary trips himself. Moreover, the subject of his thesis, oncocerhiasis (i.e., a disease that affects 38 million people in sub-Saharan Africa), is directly related to helping underprivileged people. Next to his social contributions, Luc is taking an active part in improving the scientific environment of his department by organizing book clubs and seminars.

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