EUR PhD Well-Being Event – 17 June 2019

We would like to invite you to a central PhD event on 17 of June, with the main focus on well-being of the PhD students at this university. A lot has happened over the past year for improving the well-being of PhD students, for example the introduction of a new PhD-psychologist and work-life balance coaches. We want to invite you to learn more on the facilities (the PhD well-being support staff and their mission and of course how to reach them) and possibilities at EUR to help you during your time here.  Moreover, during this event there is also the chance to share your own experiences.



Walking in


Introduction PhD Well-Being policy (PhD workgroup)


Elevator pitches PhD well-being support staff


Workshop – PhD psychologist Iris Bergwerff

Stress can be healthy. Want to know why and how to keep your stress level healthy? Come over!


During this workshop we will discuss questions such as:

Finding or how to get more balance/energy and motivation during your PhD?

How can the PhD candidates support each other?



Drinks and snacks

When:   17 June 2019

Time:   16:00-19:00 hrs.

Where:   Siena (Ground Floor of Tinbergen Building)

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