Framing your PhD: Effective Story Telling & Comparative Analysis

Ever struggling to sell your research ideas to your supervisor, fellow PhDs or critical academics? On Wednesday November 21th 16.30 – 18.00, EPAR organizes an interactive workshop on just that. 

Framing your PhD: Effective Story Telling & Comparative Analysis!” is a workshop delivered by, once again, the world-renowned debate champion & public speaking trainer Daan Welling. Participants will get hands-on exercises with powerful story telling techniques and how to effectively “sell” your research ideas & agendas.  

Daan is a Deputy Chief Adjudicator of EUDC 2018. He is a project officer at IDEA NL, where he runs national and international debating and education projects. As a debater Daan won the EUDC ESL final in 2012, reached the WUDC ESL final in 2013 and the WUDC Open quarterfinal in 2016. As a judge he broke at EUDC three times, judging the open final in 2013. He’s been or will be on the CA-team of more than 20 competitions across Europe and on the faculty of 4 debate camps.

Attendance is free but spots are limited. Registration will open soon, be quick to grab your spot in this workshop!

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