Ice Skating on International Mother Language Day

Meet the Dutch Culture on International Mother Language Day and Come Ice Skating!

On February 21 we celebrate the official International Mother Tongue’s day. At Erasmus University we cherish our diversity of cultures and mother tongues, so let’s come together and experience something typically Dutch: Ice skating!So on the 21st this month let’s celebrate diversity among young researchers at the EUR and go to Schaatsbaan Rotterdam,close to the EUR. We will convene at the Erasmus Plaza in front of the Sanders building at 17.00 and walk together to the skating rink (or be there at 17.30) where you will get skates fitted and then you can have a go on the ice! Bring gloves, otherwise you are not allowed in!

Participating is free of charge and we end the activity with drinks and snacks. You only need to bring your cultural uniqueness and be prepared to let this Dutch tradition (and your colleagues’ diversity!) put your research career in perspective.

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