Message from Printers

At the EPAR PhD Day 2009, there were several printers available. If you’ve visited their stands and can’t find their information now, you can find more information about each printer below.

The printers that were present at the PhD Day were Wöhrmann Print ServiceRidderprintOptima Grafische CommunicatieIpskamp and another printer we are in touch with, but who was not present at the Phd Day; (part of Boxpress).

More information about each printer can be found below:

[spoiler show=”Wöhrmann Print Service” hide=”Hide info about Wöhrmann Print Service”]

Located at Loskade 4 – 7202 CZ – Zutphen.

Tel: 06-46114877 & 0575-585300

We print all books digitally which has great advantages compared to traditional offset printing. Some of the Wöhrmann Print Service advantages:

– Real book specialists with more than 150 years of experience.

– Surprisingly low prices.

– Group discount for PhD’s who print at WPS within approximately one year’s time.

– Reprints of (minimum) 25 stuks for the same price per copy.

– For a small surcharge, buy one (or more) hard covered books.

– Free choice in quantity and position of colour pages.

– Short delivery times (maximum 10 working days).

– We print invitations and proposition sheets for free, if you mention our name on the copyright page.

Our sales staff has a flexible and personal approach and has a lot of experience in guiding and managing thesis productions. Communication (email, phone) in English and German is no problem of course. For a quotation on printing your thesis you can call us, email us, or online through our website at


[spoiler effect=”simple” show=”Ipskam Drukkers” hide=”Hide info about Ipskam Drukkers”]

Generally you will write a thesis but once in your life.

So for that one special time choose that one specialized printer:

Ipskamp Drukkers.

The specialist in the field of thesis printing with over 1.000 theses a year!

Personal service, unique (full-colour) possibilities and the highest quality at a sharp price is what Ipskamp Drukkers stands for.

Our 1.000 different theses a year prove this.


[spoiler show=”” hide=”Hide info about”] is a young and dynamic company of which last years production was 100.000 theses. This was possible because of our specialized team of professional designers, pressing companies, editors and publishers.

Besides printing, we can be of an additional value for you. We can edit or design de lay-out of your thesis and we give a lot of attention to personal contact. offers you a 24/7 service, which means that we are also available in the evening and during the weekend for all kinds of questions, comments or help.

Besides, we do have one of the best prices in the market, which can be found at


[spoiler show=”Ridderprint” hide=”Hide info about Ridderprint”]

Why Ridderprint?

  • Possibility for offset or digital printing.

What is interesting for you?

  • Special visiting arrangement for PhD’s of Erasmus (we’ll come and visit you te discuss your wishes and show examples etc.)
  • Group discounts and discounts with faculties
  • Posibility for layout of your inside pages
  • Free layout of your cover
  • Free bookmark and propositions

Ridderprint grafish bedrijf

[spoiler show=”Optima Grafische Communicatie” hide=”Hide info about Wöhrmann Print Service”]

Optima distinguishes itself by proffering a complete package. You can rely on Optima for the artwork, design, lay-out, and typesetting of your thesis. Optima takes care of the production, thus resulting in a very attractive book. All of this at a very competitive price.

You are of course also welcome to design the book yourself. But before you begin, do visit us first. We are happy to help you get started with some very useful tips.

You can request a quotation on our website ( as well as by telephone at +31 (0)10 220 11 49. We can assist you in determining all necessary technical specifications.


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