Pimp your LinkedIn

Yo Phd,

EPAR would like to welcome all PhD students at the Erasmus University for our LinkedIn Photoshoot/Social Drinks Event on October 4, 16.30h at the Erasmus Pavillion on Woudestein Campus, organised together with Young@EUR! For the event we have hired professional photographers who can take your picture, perfect to put e.g. on your faculty’s staff website, your LinkedIn profile or your personal/publications page.

With the new academic year just underway, we’re especially welcoming all new PhD students and would like to take the opportunity to introduce EPAR to all our new colleagues. So join us on the 4th of October and besides getting your picture taken—and free drinks—meet and get to know all your fellow PhD students and other colleagues from the EUR!

EPAR has a new board and we hope that many of you show up for our first event this academic year!


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