Rebuttal Strategies Workshop

On Tuesday March 27 afternoon, EPAR organises a workshop about Rebuttal Strategies in Research! Attendees will learn more about how to structure their arguments and effectively convince others. After the workshop we will have free food and drinks at De Smitse.

  We have invited renowned debating champion Daan Welling to discuss with us the importance of effectively communicating with and influencing others. He will provide the indispensable tools and skills in constructing sound arguments and convincing the counter party of our perspective. These ‘Rebuttal Strategies’ are commonly used in the world of professional debating and negotiations.

The workshop will start at the time which is most convenient for most participants. Daan has also indicated that he aims to tailor the workshop as much as possible to your personal taste. Hence, we have decided to ask you to give your input on your preferred starting time and desired content. Please let us know what else we can do for you.

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