The ConScience App

An invitation from ERIM for all PhD Students:

  What The ConScience App
Het Acteursgenootschap
  When Wednesday 4 October 2017

16.30 Welcome coffee/tea
17.00 The ConScience App, followed by discussion moderated by Finn Wynstra
18.30 Drinks in the foyer

Erasmus Paviljoen, Woudestein Campus  
On a Dutch university the promising researcher Jeroen Dreef works on cutting-edge research. Struggling with a disappointing PhD student and even more disappointing data he begins a race against the clock to outrun his international competitors and safeguard his position at the university.

The flippant science satire The ConScience App is the starting point for a debate on common dilemma’s within the scientific workplace. For example, how to handle the listing of co-authors? How to assess the work of competitors? How to keep the balance between your own work and supervising PhD candidates, given the time pressure? Or the tradeoff between publication pressure and your quality standards?

By programming The ConScience App ERIM wants to bring the public debate on research integrity to the everyday practice of researchers. And, to exchange views on the problems with the ERIM community as a whole, by focusing on the dilemmas and temptations researchers face. With The ConScience App ERIM wants to contribute to a climate in which researchers keep each other on edge, on research integrity practices, and on the wider theme of ‘Responsible Research’ behaviour.

ERIM especially invites its Members, Fellows, PhD candidates, and Research Master students to actively participate in discussing The ConScience App. The discussion will be moderated by ERIM member prof. dr. Finn Wynstra, professor of purchasing and supply management at RSM, former ERIM Director of Doctoral Education (2014 – 2015), and chair of the EUR Taskforce on Scientific Integrity (2013).

The members of De Jonge Akademie (KNAW) brought up the ideas for The ConScience App, written by Tony Maples, produced by Pandemonia Science Theatre, performed by Het Acteursgenootschap.

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